Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Experienced Traffic Attorney to Handle Your Case

  1. Your Time is Valuable: Skip the lines and save some time. In the vast majority of traffic cases, by hiring an attorney you can avoid coming to court. This means not having to miss school, waste a vacation day from your job or miss other obligations. Sure, you could go down to the courthouse and wait in line with hundreds of others, but you don’t have to.
  2. It Pays to Know Local Rules and Policies: An experienced North Carolina traffic attorney will not only know the NC statutes regarding traffic charges, but equally important, he or she will know the local rules and policies of each individual District Attorney’s Office. Policies on speed reductions, plea offers, classes offered, etc., will often differ from district to district and from charge to charge. You may have heard that a friend or co-worker got a certain plea offer in a neighboring district, but it may not be offered in your district. It is important to know all of your options.
  3. Points, Points, Points: Insurance is expensive enough already; don’t give your insurance company another excuse to raise your rates. Save yourself from getting unwanted and unnecessary points. A NC traffic attorney will know and understand both the North Carolina DMV point system as well as insurance points. Obviously the goal is to avoid points and keep your insurance premiums as low as possible. Let a professional review your case and give you the best shot at accomplishing this.
  4. Don’t get “Accidentally Suspended:” Yes, this is possible. You may think you are doing the responsible thing by simply mailing in your ticket and paying it off, but you may unintentionally get your license suspended by breaking one of the North Carolina DMV’s lesser known traffic rules. Have you already had a speeding ticket over 55 mph within the last 12 months? Have you had other tickets within the past 3 years? Do you know what is actually on your driving history or how many points are on there right now? A traffic attorney can run your driving record and do what is best for you given your current case and any past history.
  5. Piece of Mind is Worth Something: 15 minutes might save you 15% on your car insurance, but consider what 15 minutes in court and mishandling a traffic case can do to it. Would you know if you are being offered the best deal in court? Do you know what the different options transfer to in terms of DMV points, insurance points, license restrictions, or court costs? Piece of mind is worth a lot. Let a professional make sure you get the best outcome possible on your case.